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Fascicularia bicolor

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An easily grown evergreen epiphytic or terrestrial bromeliad from south central coastal Chile and the southernmost genus of the Bromeliad family. Plants thrive on neglect and are more likely to flower when treated mean. Fierce drainage is the key to over wintering outside. Plants are equally happy kept in a greenhouse or on a windowsill. Fascicularia bicolor really steals the show when it comes in to flower – the centre of rosette turns an intense scarlet with a dense cluster of striking blue flowers tipped with bright yellow pollen. Quite stunning.

Leaves are thinner than those of F. pitcairnifolia and as such the plant is well suited to mounting in trees or in cracks in garden walls.


Product & Shipping

The Lost World Nursery supplies Fascicularia bicolor in 1 litre pots, larger (or smaller) plants may be available on occasion. These plants are juvenile and will develop with care and attention into similar plants as those pictured for illustrative purposes. The plants are not supplied fully mature.

Further Information about this Species

Fascicularia are the southernmost genus of the Bromeliad family and have adapted to grow in the very harsh conditions of southern Chile and Argentina. They are able to withstand wet, warmth, frost, snow and drought as well as strong winds. Good drainage is the common requirement.



When potting on use a peat free compost with 50% perlite. Plants can be fed with a very weak solution of general purpose plant feed.Plants prefer full sun to part shade. A friends potted (and neglected plant) survived -17c only a few years ago.


Habitat and Distribution

Fascicularia originate from southern Chile and Argentina.

An eclectic assortment of rare and exotic plants for the betterment of both garden and greenhouse.

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